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Interphone Communications - Bluetooth Scooter to Scooter, Sat-Nav, GPS, Phone, Music

Imagine riding your favourite road … now imagine it with crystal clear rider-to-pillion communication; or chatting bike-to-bike with your riding buddies, even if they are out of sight. Get clear directions from your GPS, so you dont need to worry about your route; make and receive phone calls hands-free and without having to remove your helmet; you can even add your ultimate musical soundtrack to it all.

You can do all this and more with the Interphone Wireless Two Wheeled Entertainment System, and you can do it all with the freedom of Bluetooth, wireless connectivity. Completely waterproof, compatible with open-face, full-face and flip-front motorcycle helmets, and with a range of tailor made accessories, find out more about the Interphone Wireless Two Wheeled Entertainment System range and get yourself connected.

Interphone Wireless Two Wheeled Entertainment Systems; the perfect fit… How do you ride? Solo? Two-up? In a group? Or is it all three? At Interphone we understand that everyone rides in a different way, so our Wireless Two Wheeled Entertainment Systems are available in three different versions, to make it easy for you to find the perfect fit. We have kept it nice and simple, so each model has a number that tells you how many Bluetooth® devices it can be paired with. So, the F2 connects with two gadgets (GPS and mobile phone), the F3 connects with three (GPS, phone and another F3 for intercom use), and the F4 with four (GPS, phone, MP3 player and another F4 for intercom).

All our Wireless Two Wheeled Communications and Entertainment Systems are compatible with open, full face and flip front helmets and as they all use Bluetooth® connectivity, there are no fiddly wires to worry about either.


The Interphone F5XT from Cellular Line is the first Bluetooth Intercom to be released with advanced intercom features. Up to 6 F5XT's can be connected to extend intercom range to up to a mile. The frustration of hearing mysterious beep tones has been eliminated with the Text to Speech (TTS) feature of the F5XT. TTS gives audible voice indications when the intercom connects, disconnects, music plays or pauses, and when a phone call is incoming. The F5XT TTS feature will also tell you who is calling so you can avoid answering the call if desired. Bluetooth 3.0 technology gives the F5XT the longest battery life of any Bluetooth intercom to date.


Looking seriously at communication with the F4........
Available in single or twin packs, the F4 is a waterproof, self-contained, fully wireless unit, designed to fit quickly and easily to open/full face or flip front bike helmets. It is packed with so many amazing features, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Main features: Bluetooth wireless stereo technology Hands-free, voice activated call answering, dialling and rejection and the ability to link two phones at once. Add another F4 for crystal clear Rider-to-Pillion or Rider-to-Rider communication up to 500 metres. Add TriBE; for Rider-to-Rider communication at up to 5km DSP technology to cancel out background noise, enabling high quality sound at speeds of over 100mph Automatic volume level adjustment, according to speed Fits all types of helmets. Totally waterproof system. Average talk time (hands-free/intercom use): 10 hours Standby time: 700 hours


If you are looking for the ultimate Bluetooth® motorcycle communication and entertainment system, you’ve found it. The Interphone F4 is packed with so many amazing features, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.



Connect the F4 to two phones at once via Bluetooth® and make voice activated hands-free calls; link to another F4 for rider-to-pillion or bike-to-bike communication up to 500 metres; sync with your sat-nav to receive step by step directions, and add your mp3 payer or iPod to listen to your favourite songs en-route.


If you and your pillion have had enough of shouting at each other and waving arms about to try and get your respective points across, treat yourselves to the Interphone F3.


Like to keep things nice and simple? The Interphone F2 is perfect for the rider who likes to get a lot, for a little. Although the F2 is our entry-level model, it’s still a seriously specified piece of kit.